Lighting Artist

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Lighting Artist

The lighter is responsible for lighting the different environments of the game with realistic, cinematic lighting in a real-time environment, primarily using the tools of Unreal 5. An excellent eye for composition and color, a great understanding of light and shadow, and a strong ability to present games and cinematics at their highest level will be the primary focus. Collaboration with the Creative and Art Directors in addition to the Technical Directors will allow for best results. A strong understanding of color grading, PBR and Linear workflows is required.


  • Create believable and cinematic lighting scenarios for run-time game locations.
  • Ensure the lighting in a location works within defined real-time rendering budgets.
  • Work closely with the Creative Director and Art Director to bring artistic vision to life.
  • Optimize lighting data for memory and frame.
  • Engage in look-development around key surfaces and shaders to ensure lighting delivers against visual reference.
  • Place and adjust light sources within the environment.
  • Tweak shading materials and textures to improve the perception of the lighting.
  • Contribute to the development and placement of special effects related to lighting and atmosphere, such as light flares, fog, god rays, and camera optics.
  • Work with level designers to ensure integration with gameplay.


  • 5+ years proven industry experience in Games or Film in generating final lighting/rendering.
  • Deep understanding of CG lighting technology, both real-time and offline rendering.
  • Thorough understanding of direct/indirect lighting, color space, color theory, exposure, HDR lighting, global illumination and physical based shading.
  • Able to produce quality lighting setup and solve performance challenges within the runtime constraints.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt in using Unreal 5.
  • Thorough knowledge of the game development process.
  • Skilled in the use of Maya/Max and Photoshop.
  • Good understanding of cinematography and the use of camera system technology in CG environments.


  • Expertise with Unreal 4 or 5, preferably with working knowledge of Lumen.


  • Highly competitive compensation package that included equity and revenue share.
  • Best in class healthcare and other insurance benefits.
  • Remote work compatible.
  • Generous vacation and paid time-off.

Digital Insight Games is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We recruit, interview, and hire people of all backgrounds, orientations, identities, and expressions.

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