Lead Visual Effects Artist

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We are a team of experienced and passionate game developers that have worked on A LOT of titles. Among them are Might and Magic, Call of Duty, Tomb Raider, Gran Turismo, and Left 4 Dead, just to name a few. In fact, our co-founder Jon Van Caneghem is in the Computer Gaming World Hall of Fame and we’re deeply focused on creating compelling games for players around the world. Our tools and technology are state-of-the-art, we strive to maintain a happy and dedicated team, and work together each day to improve our games and company until we become the best in the world. All of it remotely…

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Lead Visual Effects Artist

This important role requires knowledge of basic modeling, UV mapping, and texture & shader creation to cover a wide range of game content – from player skills to UI effects to environment objects. A successful candidate portfolio will show a strong sense of timing, visual composition, color, anticipation/follow through, and ability to communicate gameplay. Ultimately the goal is to attach stunning visual effects to the game and do so in a way that preserves framerate and memory.


  • Lead a team of visual effects artists to create beautiful run-time effects in Unreal 5.
  • Create effects yourself using Maya, Houdini, Niagra, After Effects and other similar tools.
  • Place and sequence Unreal Blueprint effects in service of design and art needs.
  • Troubleshoot artistic, technical, and performance issues.
  • Collaborate with team members and production to ensure that project goals are met.


  • 5+ years of experience in creating VFX for AAA games.
  • A critical eye for the timing, animation, and motion of real-world objects and visual effects.
  • Experience with a variety of techniques and tools for creating VFX animation (standard particle systems, fluid sims, physics sims, etc.)
  • Ability to create all source art needed for VFX (textures, geometry, flipbooks, normal maps, vector field textures, etc.)
  • Advanced understanding of complex node-based pixel/vertex shader networks used in Unreal Engine.
  • Expert knowledge of profiling tools to diagnose and optimize in-game performance, including optimization & LOD versioning techniques.
  • Proficient in Photoshop for painting and editing textures.

Base Salary:

    $120,000 - $190,000


  • Basic modelling, UV mapping, texture production, and exporting of all effects components in support of VFX production.
  • Strong skills in Unreal Engine Blueprint Visual Script
  • Excellent visual and technical problem-solving skills, particularly in real-time VFX scenarios.
  • Good understanding of PBR lighting and material authoring.
  • Programming experience in any language (C#, Python, HLSL) and HLSL shader creation.


  • Highly competitive compensation package that included equity and revenue share.
  • Best in class healthcare and other insurance benefits.
  • Remote work compatible.
  • Generous vacation and paid time-off.

Digital Insight Games is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We recruit, interview, and hire people of all backgrounds, orientations, identities, and expressions.

You can email us at apply@digitalinsightgames.com to inquire about the opening, and share your resume with us.